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    Sturgis Soccer
    STURGIS WILDFIRE (U12 Girls) played two great games in Custer this breezy Saturday against two co-ed teams.
    Won first, lost second, but they played their HEARTS OUT!
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Has anyone found a g shock watch, was lost during the last high school game!
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    Sturgis Soccer
    The Porter family has donated a truck and trailer for the float, we need a few more parent volunteers to help plan this out and get it together. Thanks so much!!
    1 day ago Mark Rambow
    Nancy and I will help! And the three kids, of course.
    2 days ago Heidi Gebbie
    I could possibly help. How do we contact them?
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Good morning.
    Due to the wet weather and the forecast for more through the day and the impact that this weather has on our field conditions the Sturgis Soccer Association is closing access to the fields for practice for tonight. If coaches would like to continue to hold their practices as scheduled they will need to find an alternative location. Thank you.
    Sturgis Soccer Association Board of Directors
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Tonight this great group of young men wrapped up their 2016 High School Soccer season in a game against Hot Springs. Seniors Gage Bush, Sam Fjelstad and Brennan Duncan will truly be missed! Way to play strong boys. Go Scoopers!
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    2 days ago Vicki Bush
    Way to go boys!! 😊⚽️👏🏻
    3 days ago Mark Rambow
    Good job this season
    3 days ago Ursula Ward
    Congrats on a great seaon
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    Sturgis Soccer
    For some this was just the beginning of a new chapter in their lives known as High school soccer, but for 2 it marks the end of that chapter and the beginning of their next! Rachel Brink and Stine Nissen played their final game last night as the girls finished their season playing tough against STM. Thanks for all the years of entertainment you have given to us Rachel and Stine!
    4 days ago Mark Rambow
    Thank you girls! Good job Rachel and Stine . You both played with heart!
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Indoor soccer is right around the corner! We have updated the Forms section of our website with all the forms needed. Check it out at http://sturgissoccer.com/forms/
    Forms -
    4 days ago Sturgis Soccer
    Soccer Parents,
    The indoor season will be beginning soon, which is quite different from the recreational programs that are ran in the spring and fall. The indoor season is only comprised of tournaments for U10 through U19 aged teams. These tournaments take place all over South Dakota and the surrounding states. There is no regular league play.
    There is no open registration like the outdoor seasons. We want to see every player who wants to play indoor find a team to play on, but please understand that it could be difficult to get on an existing indoor team. It might require a parent to become a Team Manager to create a new team.
    The following information relates to the procedure a Team Manager must go through in order to create an indoor team. The main purpose of the this procedure is to make sure coaches know that they don’t own players, that our soccer families are not badgered by coaches, and that players do not get pressured into playing with a team they are not comfortable with.
    Step One – Declaring Your Intent to Create an Indoor Team:
    • A volunteer who wishes to form an indoor team, known as the Team Manager, must find a volunteer to be the Head Coach for the indoor team. The Team Manager and Head Coach may be the same person.
    • The Team Manager must determine the age group and gender of the team they will create.
    • The Team Manager must select the method of which players will be acquired for the team.
    • Once the prior three items have been met, the Team Manager can submit an “Indoor Tournament Team Creation Form” any time after September 1st.
    • The Board of Directors will then review the “Indoor Tournament Team Creation Form” and will notify the Team Manager if they may proceed with acquiring players for their team.
    Step Two – Acquiring Players for an Indoor Team
    • A team may not have fewer than six players nor more than ten.
    • If players will be acquired through a tryout process, you must notify the Board of Directors of the date, time, and location of tryouts.
    o The Board of Directors will then notify all players of the applicable age and gender about the specifics of the tryouts so they can attend if interested.
    o The entire tryout process will be organized by the Team Manager and/or Head Coach.
    o The Board of Directors will not get involved in the outcome of tryouts.
    • If players will be acquired through a selection process, the following guidelines must be followed:
    o If selecting players that are currently registered and playing in the outdoor season, the Team Manager must first contact that player’s current outdoor coach to let them know of their intent. This is true even if the player in question previously played indoor with the requesting coach. The current coach may not restrict the Team Manager from inviting the player to an indoor team. At the same time, the Team Manager must have full disclosure of their communications with the current coach’s players. This is done to for two primary reasons:
    ▪ To allow the current coach the opportunity to determine if they want to form an indoor team and give them the opportunity to communicate that intent to the members of his current team.
    ▪ More importantly, to inform the players that there may be multiple teams being formed and that they could have a choice as to what team they want to play on.
    ▪ These rule do not apply to players that are members of the Sturgis Brown High School JV and Varsity program.
    o When contacting potential players, the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior must be followed. If a Team Manager has been told that a player does not wish to play in general or that that the wish to play on another team, they must NOT continue to contact that player in attempts to sway that individual. In cases where potential players are from split families, ever effort should be made to include both parents in any discussions so everyone if fully aware of the situation. Once again, this is done to not put undue pressure upon the players.
    o It is strongly encouraged that coaches not attempt to lure potential players from coaches that have historically coached indoor teams without first contacting that coach and expressing the intent to do so. It is ok to ask players that have historically played on other teams, but the contact must be made in such a way that the player understands they could have choice as to what team they play on. For example, you may say "I know you played indoor with Coach Bob last year, but I want you to know that you are invited to play on my team if you want". No pressure should be put on the player.
    • Once the Team Manager has determined the players that will be on the team, they must gather the following items from each player:
    o Indoor Tournament Player Registration Form
    o Medical Release Form
    o Sturgis Soccer Association Release from Liability Form
    o Registration Fee (check or money order made out to Sturgis Soccer)
    ▪ $35 for players on a U10 team
    ▪ $40 for players on a U12, U14, or U16 team
    ▪ $50 for players on a U19 team
    Step Three – Attend the Indoor Team Managers Meeting
    • The Board of Directors will notify the Team Manager of the time and location of the meeting that will take place on November 1st.
    • The Team Manager will submit an Indoor Tournament Team Roster Form
    • The Team Manager will submit all the paperwork they gathered from the players they have determined to be on their team - Indoor Tournament Player Registration Form; Medical Release Form; Sturgis Soccer Association Release from Liability Form; and Registration Fee
    • The Community Center allows Sturgis Soccer to use half the gym on Wednesday nights and Sundays and time slots on these two days will be awarded to teams during this meeting. If the Team Manager is not satisfied with the time slot awarded, then they will need to find an alternate location on their own.
    • If two Team Managers submit paperwork for the same player, the Board of Directors will contact the family to determine which team that player will be assigned to. The Team Managers will not be allowed to contact the family of the player until after the Board of Directors had communicated with them as to which team the player will be assigned.
    • Only practices following this meeting will be sanctioned by the Board of Directors and any participation by players or volunteers prior to this will not be covered by the organizations insurance.
    • Participation in the Sturgis Christmas Classic Indoor Tournament is included as part of the registration fee and all Sturgis teams will be automatically entered into the tournament.
    Many forms are referenced above and will be sent to the Team Manager once the Board of Directors has approved of their request to create a team. Attached you will find the Indoor Tournament Team Creation Form. Sturgis Soccer will not issue player cards or official rosters to Team Managers that do not comply with this procedure. Please direct any questions you have to sturgissoccer@hotmail.com.
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Coaches, Have you registered for our Harvest Days tournament? It is open for U8-U12 players and held here in Sturgis, October 7th-9th! Get registered here http://sturgissoccer...days-tournament/
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Sturgis soccer is looking for parent volunteers to create a parade float for homecoming!
    1 day ago Katie O'Bryan
    I could possibly help decorate if needed.
    4 days ago Sturgis Soccer
    We have to wait for the theme to be announced!
    4 days ago Christina Laflin Sundberg
    Is there a special theme or just soccer and red, black and white?
    4 days ago Sturgis Soccer
    Thank you Porter family for donating a truck and trailer! We could use a couple more parent volunteers to help coordinate this effort, we will need a place to build and store the float, as well as supplies. The more the merrier!!
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Fundraiser packets have been dispersed, please remember the turn in date is TONIGHT!! Monday September 19th 5-6:45 at the concession stand.
    Also all coaches planning on playing in the Sturgis Harvest Days tournament, October 7th-9th, need to get into contact with Alicia ASAP!! soccer2mom3@hotmail.com
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Go Scoopers!
    Timeline Photos
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Sturgis Soccer Logo
    Sturgis Soccer Fall 2016
    We hope everyone had a great weekend of soccer as our games just kicked in! A few reminders, please keep the kids from hanging on the goals and from playing in the nets, thanks!
    Fundraiser packets have been dispersed, please remember the turn in date is Monday September 19th 5-6:45 at the concession stand. Remember this fall season participation is optional, however we do rely on this for helping to fund the sanctioning process as well as maintain the fields and to pay the refs. We are awarding prizes to the top sellers this year!
    Concession Stand Volunteers

    Thank you for volunteering for the fall season. We are very happy to have you help us in the concession stand. If you are not able to work please get a hold of me at lindsey.duprel@hotmail.com, so we can get that spot filled. The Harvest Fest Tournament is just a rough draft since we don't have actual times yet, I am just going on what it has been in years past. If we should not need you we will call you. Thank you again ~Lindsey lindsey.duprel@hotmail.com
    9/19/16 - Board Meeting – 7:00 pm – Chamber
    Regular Board of Directors meetings take place the third Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce. These meetings are open to membership. If you have an item that you would like added to the agenda, please email sturgissoccer@hotmail.com.
    Sturgis Harvest days is coming up, October 7th-9th. Coaches need to contact Alicia at soccer2mom3@hotmail.com to get the player cards started!!
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Great day for some soccer. Good luck today Sturgis teams!
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Congratulations to the Boys and Girls High School teams on their wins over Douglas tonight! Go Scoopers!
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    2 weeks ago Julie Brunskill Nelson
    Boys team after game!
  • 2 weeks ago by Sturgis Soccer

    Sturgis Soccer
    My soccer bag was taken during my son's U10 soccer practice. The practice was on the field east of the football/track. I had the bag sitting against the fence where the NO parking sign is. The bag is a large bag that zips, has green and blue flower design. In the bag was my 3 ring binder (with U8 soccer team info- for the team I manage & medical releases), a first aid kit, MY car keys!!!!, and my daughters new soccer hoodie with our last name on the back GLODT.
    If anyone hears or sees anything I would be greatly appreciated! I really hope someone pick it up by accident.
    Jessie Glodt