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    Sturgis Soccer
    Hello to all our newest SSA Facebook followers.
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Register your U8-U12 team today! sturgissoccer.com
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Field Setup Day
    Saturday, Aug 29 @ 9:00AM.
    Please help us with our post-rally set-up!
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    Sturgis Soccer
    For the first time ever there will be a different kind of football being played on Woodle Field!
    The Sturgis Scooper Varsity Soccer season kicks off tonight! Come out and support the girls varsity team at 4:00 and the boys at 6:00 against Sioux Falls O'Gorman!
    Admission fees are standard high school athletic rates. Scooper cards will be accepted. All proceeds from admission will go to Sturgis Soccer.
    Don't miss this rare opportunity to see high school soccer played in the beautiful setting of Woodle Field. Go Scoopers!
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    1 week ago Sturgis Soccer
    Bettina H D Seidel, I can help you, please message me over fb
    1 week ago Sarah Hudelson
    Maybe next year the city will leave our beautiful fields alone.
    1 week ago Bettina H D Seidel
    Where can we buy tee shirts and Sturgis Soccer stickers to help support our soccer team?
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Sturgis Rally Leaves Mark On Soccer Field
    August 14, 2015, 10:11 PM by Kevin Woster
    STURGIS, SD - The 75th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally left a mark on the economy of Sturgis and the Black Hills.
    They're patched up and re-sodded, but tire tracks the Sturgis rally left on a city soccer field won't disappear anytime soon - on the field, or in the emotions of the local soccer players and fans.
    "We voiced our opposition leading up to this, and now we are going to work hard to see we don't have this again," says Sturgis Soccer Association President Don Wolkenhauer.
    The association failed to prevent the use of the soccer fields for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event this year, for the first time in many years. And it didn't work out so well, for soccer.
    "There was one area of the field that we had a couple of ruts from a truck that was moving out," says rally events producer John Oakes. "We've done sod repair and replacement on that area, and we kind of went above and beyond."
    Oakes says he expects the repair work to leave the field in better shape than it was before the Sturgis rally.
    "Any kid that's ever played soccer recently on the Sturgis soccer field would definitely notice, should notice a difference," he says.
    The patched spots are healing. But opening games for Sturgis with Sioux Falls O' Gorman and Sioux Falls Roosevelt next weekend will have to be played at nearby Woodle Field.
    Wolkenhauer expects play back on the damaged field in early September. He doesn't expect the rally events on fields next year.
    "I really see the city council having a hard time signing a contract in the future, without a lot more feedback from the community than they got in the past," Wolkenhauer said.
    Oakes says he has made donations to the soccer association and will help with a fundraiser. He says he won't ever again be involved in efforts to put vendors or acts on the soccer fields. And Wolkenhauer doubts it will happen again.
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    2 weeks ago Dean Keller
    Sturgis ran the bikers out of the park in the 80's now because of the almighty dollar, greed will prevail.. $$$$$$
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Fall Soccer Parents, Coaches and Volunteers:
    The news of the change of venue for the upcoming high school soccer games have raised a number of questions regarding our youth recreational soccer schedule. The Sturgis Soccer Board of Directors would like to take a moment to advise everyone as to our plan for the youth program going into the season.
    The fields were inspected on Sunday evening and were deemed to be unplayable at this time. The damage to the fields does not appear to be to such a degree that it will affect the entire youth season but it is severe enough to require alternative plans to be made for the beginning of the high school season. Work is being done to the fields to repair the damage that was caused and we will continue to assess their condition over the next two weeks. During that time we will determine whether or not we will be able to practice on the fields immediately upon the beginning of the recreational season or whether alternative arrangements will need to be made for the start of the season. Coaches will be notified of where they will be able to begin practices when they receive their team rosters on August 15th and will advise their players and parents of the plan at that time.
    We are confident that the majority of our youth season will be able to be played at the soccer complex. Any alternative arrangements we believe will be temporary in nature. We hope to ultimately recover from this as a stronger association overall and better serve the youth of Sturgis and surrounding communities. Thank you all for your continued support of Sturgis Soccer.
    3 weeks ago Ron Finger
    Yes Thank You! Unfortunatly the damage is done. Please consider the fact that the city is installing a lot of sod on the repaired areas. This poses a great hazard to all the kids practicing and playing on the feilds. The sod will take a lot of time to root. and will be easily moved causing slip trips and falls, and with that comes injuries. We don't want that for our Children. Thank's Ron
    3 weeks ago Gina Mack
    It's really too bad that the prior City Council allowed the park to be used during the Rally.
    3 weeks ago Debbie Luger
    Thank YOU for all your hard work in trying desparetely to have the soccer fields NOT be used for the rally venues. It is a shame that all your efforts were for nothing. I know each one of the board members, coaches, volunteers and parents always have our youth's safety in the forefront. Hopefully this won't happen again.
    3 weeks ago Amy Beug Karrels
    Is there still room for kids we missed registration have an 8 year old boy who wants to play
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Soccer moved to Woodle Field
    (From Meade School District) The Sturgis Soccer Fields have been deemed unplayable so therefore the first Sturgis Brown High School home soccer matches have been moved to Woodle Field. The schedule is as follows:
    • Friday, Aug. 21: 4 p.m., Sturgis varsity girls vs. Sioux Falls O’Gorman, Woodle Field.
    • Friday, Aug. 21: 6 p.m., Sturgis varsity boys vs. Sioux Falls O’Gorman, Woodle Field.
    • Saturday, Aug. 22: 10 a.m., Sturgis varsity girls vs. Sioux Falls Roosevelt, Woodle Field.
    • Saturday, Aug. 22: Noon, Sturgis varsity boys vs. Sioux Falls Roosevelt, Woodle Field
    3 weeks ago Tona Martin Hand
    Thank You city of Sturgis for proving once again that we don't matter
    3 weeks ago Tim Brady
    I have had both of my kids in the program there and helped coach and maintain the fields over the years they were involved. I know how hard we all worked to get them good fields to play on and if this is true it makes me sick.
    Please let me know and if so who voted to allow this to happen. I will make every effort to make sure they are not reelected.
    3 weeks ago Michelle Warning-Hosman
    Dislike this very much!
    3 weeks ago Melissa Bennett
    What is plan B? Where will the kids practice?
    3 weeks ago Gina Anders
    This makes me mad... My daughter is in soccer and I have helped with the fields before... It's a lot of work!!!! It's not the field managers fault... And I feel bad for him and the people that have to try and fix it up again! Stupid idea on the cities part!!! But we all knew it would be!!
    3 weeks ago Gerry Bingen
    3 weeks ago Emily Magee Wheaton
    Tim Brady- here is what they said prior to rally:
    3 weeks ago Debbie Luger
    I don't like the fact that our fields aren't ready -- but no surprise. :-( I'm happy that their is a Plan B though for our students to play on a safe field.
    3 weeks ago Christina O'Driscoll
    Surprise surprise. I am seriously blown away that anyone would believe this would not happen. They don't care, the money was made and their pockets are bulging. Pretty darn sad that the residents of Sturgis do not matter at all. Smh
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    Sturgis Soccer
    Varsity and JV Soccer games have been added to the Sturgis Soccer Schedule at SturgisSoccer.com. Join the fun and come support the high school soccer teams this year!
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    3 weeks ago Mary Houck
    Good. Go Vanessa.
    3 weeks ago Mary Houck
    Changed you name.