>>Link to the FIFA/IFAB Laws of the Game for 2017-2018 (bottom of email)<<

If you have already completed your recertification – I apologize for the additional mass email, we just don’t want to miss any of the referees.

All of you should have received an email(s) from Tom Hilsendeger or myself on the 2018 recertification process.  (Please let Tom or myself know if you did not).

To recap it so that you have it again:
•       Outdoor and Futsal Recertification Registration and Training will be 100% online for 2018.
•       There is no requirement to attend any physical classes or training sessions.
•       The registration and class are available NOW and can be completed at any time (24 hours per day, 7 days a week).
•       Referees have until December 31st, 2017 to complete this registration process as referees MUST be registered for the calendar year in which they are working games (Referees working games in the 2018 calendar year must be 2018 registered).
•       Starting January 1st, 2018, a late fee of $10 will be assessed to every registration. Starting February 1st, 2018 (and the 1st of every month after that), an additional $5 late fee will be assessed.
•       This “100% online” registration process is only applicable to returning referees who were registered in 2017, and is not available for NEW referees who have never been registered before.

The link for online registrations is at the SD Soccer Refs Game Officials Registration, Learning and Course Management website( https://sdakrefs.gameofficials.net/public/default.cfm ).  Previously registered Officials will need to use their current Game Officials identity.  Officials should create a NEW IDENTITY ONLY if they do not already have a Game Officials IDENTITY.   If someone has misplaced their identity information they can email Chad Landis for help at rapidcitysoccerrefs@gmail.com

Please take the time and get this completed.   Days go by in a hurry and we don’t want you to miss out and not be eligible to referee as you are not certified for 2018.  Your test is open book – use the link below for your LAWS OF THE GAME book if needed.

Also, as you know, there are no longer “Laws of the Game” books passed out.  You can go online and order from ussoccer.com if you wish to have a hard copy.  Here is link to download it as a PDF to any of your devices/tablets/phones. https://ussoccer.app.box.com/s/xx3byxqgodqtl1h15865/file/185132971909

If you have questions, concerns or problems – shoot me an email so I can assist.




Re-certification is up and running on gameofficials.  Instructions as follows. Log in to your game officials page

  1. Use the Choose Identity tab.
  2. Switch your Identity under Registration and Learning System.
  3. Group is South Dakota Refs
  4. Number is 1351.
  5. Click on Courses.
  6. Register for the 2018 re-certification and do the online course.
  7.  All referees that want to re-certify must have this done before December 31st or there will be at least a $10.00 late fee charge.