Field Sponsorship:

Amount to be determined

Minimum 3-year sponsorship agreement, preferably 5 years

10% discount if full term sponsorship is paid in advance

Maximum of three sponsors

Sponsorship signage to be purchased by sponsor, placed by Association

Sponsors will not be in like business, i.e. both insurance companies or both restaurants


Team Sponsorship

U6 & U8 teams – $500 per team, 1 year contract, 3-year contract $1,250, 5-year contract $2,100

U10 teams – $700 per team, 1 year contract, 3-year contract $1,850, 5 years$3,050; Indoor separate.

U12 teams – $700 per team, 1 year contract, 3-year contract $1,850, 5 years$3,050; Indoor separate.

U14-U19 teams – $800 per team, 1 year contract, 3-year contract $2,100, 5 years, $3,650; Indoor separate.


Indoor Team- $350 per team

  • Team sponsorships include logo on front chest of the t-shirts or uniforms. Sturgis Soccer logo on upper left hand shoulder. Numbers on backs of jerseys. U6&U8 a variety of colors can be chosen from. U10- U19, colors will be white, black or red, choice of sponsor.
  • Number and names (if paid for by the teams) on the back will be black and white only. Depending on the color of the jersey.
  • T-shirts and jerseys will be kept by the players after the end of the year. If there is no sponsor for the team, the jersey’s will be returned to the Uniform Coordinator. If unsponsored jersey is not returned player, will be assessed a fee of $25 for the replacement of the jersey.
  • If a sponsor enters into a long-term sponsorship more than 1 year a 10% discount given if paid in full term in advance.
  • Payment of sponsorship will be required to be made prior to printing of t-shirts or jerseys. If companies want to co-sponsor, only one sponsor will be placed on the jersey.
  • Team sponsorship will include advertising on Sturgis Soccer website, event material, and Sturgis Facebook.
  • Indoor team sponsorship will also include space for banners at one of the locations during the indoor tournament. Location to be determined by the Association.
  • Contract will necessarily stay with the age, unless sponsor wanted to pay the difference.
  • Contracts will start in the fall of the year

General Sponsorship

$100 per year

Includes website sponsorship and sponsorship recognition on Facebook page.


Event Sponsorship

$300 per event

Events to include Mother’s Day Tournament, Harvest Days Tournament, Indoor Tournament, British Soccer Camp and any other future events established by the Sturgis Soccer Association.

Benefits include:

  • Logo on event t-shirts
  • Logo on event registration and/or printed schedules
  • Sponsorship recognition on-line or in any potential advertising


General Notes:

  • The Sponsorship Advisor will report total number of sponsors at each board meeting noting new sponsors obtained between the board meetings. This will provide notification to all other board members in the event that the sponsorship affects their board responsibilities.


  • In-kind sponsorships will be viewed as equal to cash sponsorships on a case-by-case basis determined by the Sponsorship Board Advisor. In the event that the sponsor has issue with the Sponsorship Advisor’s decision they may approach the Board of Directors to discuss.


  • In the event a sponsor purchases a team sponsorship for an entire year or enters into a longer-term agreement for team sponsorship and there are not adequate numbers of teams available to sponsor they will be refunded any sponsorship that they have paid for upfront for that team sponsorship if they request such, otherwise sponsor will be placed with another age appropriate group. Any sponsorship refund request for any other reason will be reviewed and decision will be made by the Sponsorship Advisor. If the sponsor does not agree with the Advisor’s decision they may approach the Board to discuss.


  • All checks will be made out to Sturgis Soccer and sent to Sponsorship Advisor, so it is able to be recorded and tracked. Sponsor may hand delivered to Sponsorship Advisor only!